Construction Industry Estimating Service

At Global Estimators we develop robust material estimations from your projects architectural drawings, this in turn gives your company the option from which you can create precise construction schedules for all your skilled tradesmen. Our estimation services can help you in both large and small scale building developments.

We can help your firm stand out from the pack when you explain to the client that your model is not just for marketing – it will drive the schedule and keep their project on budget.

Here is what you should know about us and how we are able to help building professionals lower their construction costs. What we produce for our clients and their individual projects brings in a whole new area of expertise in productivity and material cost analysis including:

Estimations and Experience

Global Estimators have gained vast experience working in the commercial, residential and retail sectors to name but a few. In each of these sectors we have been involved in both large and small construction projects and have helped our clients complete their construction projects from inception to the completed build.

We are usually principal contact providing pre-construction estimations to building developers and contractors and have gained a trusted relationship with all of our clients over the years. Regardless of how large or small the project is or even for us to play a small part in any project our existing clients tend to get us involved.

Global Estimators material estimating reports extracts the construction price and quantities using our built 3D model geometry taken from your projects architectural plans. Information in our estimations would include:

3D Modeling image

  • Wall types – interior walls, exterior walls, foundation walls
  • Display timber stud framing within walls
  • Display wall solid fill in plan view
  • Display cavity walls

Material lists created form 3D models

  • Custom frames beams, joists, purlins, etc..
  • Variable insertion points
  • Member Schedules


The sub contractors you employ will benefit from the information we give you because they will have a better concept of what is involved in the build and can be more organised for the project at hand. Sub contractors appreciate a full and detailed planning system and especially the precise information that comes with a Global Estimators complete breakdown. This understanding that you are working in their best interest to eliminate starts and stops from their tasks and make their job a lot easier.

We find that not all estimation companies supply as much detail as they could for construction projects. We have also found that it is a company’s ability to use and bring to bear the 4D/5D methodology and all the information that generates to decrease the risk of over spend and time wasted on projects.