Global Estimators specializes in construction cost estimating. Providing an unbeatable service in cost estimation for large and small-scale projects both local and international. We use the latest in computer technology to calculate, display and provide materials lists and costs for contractors in the building industry. 

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At Global Estimators we pride ourselves on being a reliable and professional company with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and millions of square footage of completed projects including commercial, housing and industrial. We have brought that experience now into the estimating service and we are able to communicate with your needs and problems from a position of understanding.

We can offer:

  • Photo realistic images of elevations, sections, details, and 3D views
  • Full annotations and dimensions as required
  • 3D Real View high speed rendering technology
  • Sectioned images of the construction in 3D
  • Grayscale images from 3D rendered sections or full building
  • Section vertically, horizontally or at any rotation

BIM Level 2: (Managed 3D environment with data attached, but created in separate discipline models)

There are various levels in the BIM (Building Information Model) environment and Level 2 BIM, is the stage that the construction industry is mostly involved with at the moment, this stage has a number of elements, the most interesting of these being the “digital construction model” which comprises building a 3D model in specialist software using the digital equivalent of materials to be used in the actual building. For example, the model would have 3D walls with all the materials included such as block, brick, mortar, sheeting, ties, etc. Item lists generated from the model can then produce accurate quantities of materials.

3D BIM models are built gathering information from the 2D architectural drawings.

To create these lists we have different types of software which are BIM capable, this can be extremely valuable for pre-tender bids and post-tender contracts. Lists and models can continue to be of value during the construction phase and throughout the lifetime of the building for maintenance and other purposes. We don’t necessarily have to be of service to a company going forward but we can be if needed.

In the UK BIM has become mandatory for any building work on government contracts, such is its effectiveness in reducing time and saving money in the construction process. And this momentum is carrying into Ireland(BIM Roadmap). Our company has been using BIM software for a number of years now and we have built and supplied BIM models on a number of finished projects.